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As moms, we all need daily spiritual nourishment. The devotions and other resources you’ll find here at Manna for Moms will help you recognize and receive the spiritual nourishment God provides in each little moment of your life as a mother. You’ll learn how you can hear God’s voice even—or perhaps especially—in the ordinary.

Whether you’re a new mom or a mom whose children are grown; a mom of one, or of many; or a mom who works outside the home or inside the home, you will recognize yourself in these devotions, because you’ve been there, too.

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Recent Posts

Why I’m Longing for Easter Right Now

Sometimes, you know something, but you don’t really know it. Maybe you know it for years, and then all of a sudden, one day, the topic comes up in a fresh way, and you have this epiphany that causes you to see things in a whole new light. And you wonder, Why didn’t I think […]

What to Do When the Hits Just Keep On Comin’

The past few weeks have been stressful for me. The kids and I started back home schooling after Christmas break. There were some pretty significant, ongoing issues relating to our oldest son and his disability that we had to struggle to deal with. A friend’s son attempted to commit suicide, and a few days later, […]

Hidden Treasures

Sometimes, treasure lies buried in a field. Other times, treasure is obscured in jars of clay. I found treasure in a dark subway platform in New York City. My husband Phil and I were in NYC for a trip celebrating our 20th anniversary. We rode the subway several times, since it’s much cheaper and often […]

In Remembrance

On Saturday, I received word that my stepfather had died suddenly from a heart attack. We knew he had heart problems, including previous heart attacks. We knew his heart was failing. What we didn’t know was that on Saturday, as he and my mother sat at the kitchen table eating lunch, he would suddenly stop […]

A New Year’s Prayer for Moms

A New Year’s Prayer for Moms (Reposted from January 1, 2013) Father God, You are holy, awesome, and loving. You are wise, kind, and good. Your ways are perfect, and Your judgments are just. We begin the new year by bowing before You in praise, Offering You all of ourselves— Our bodies, souls, and spirits, […]

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