Why God’s Healing Is More Amazing Than You May Have Realized

If someone gave you a million dollars, what would you do with it? I posed this question to several friends and family members, and their answers included things like “pay off all my bills” (actually, this one was the one most often mentioned), donate to worthy organizations, buy a new car, take a vacation, and […]

In Memoriam

On Thursday, March 9, 2017, heaven became one precious saint richer. That was the morning my long-time, dear friend Victoria Kruse left behind the pain and suffering bound up in her body and went to meet Jesus face-to-face. Vicki had been diagnosed with ALS a few years before she died. At first, her symptoms seemed […]

When God Seems Too Slow

Last Sunday, along with much of the rest of America, my husband and I watched Super Bowl LI. Timmy watched occasionally, not because he cares about football, but because he wanted to be where Daddy and I were. So while Phil and I enjoyed the game, Timmy’s favorite part was the Skittles commercial, where he […]

Why Aren’t We Going Yet?

This past weekend, Timmy and I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to see Paw Patrol Live!.  We drove up on Friday and stayed overnight at a hotel, then got up the next morning to get ready to see the show. The only problem was, Timmy woke up early due to excitement, and we were therefore ready […]

When You Don’t Really Want to Obey

The other day, I said to Timmy, “I want you to get all your Play-Doh off the table.” He reluctantly but obediently walked toward the mess, so I left the room. I came back later to find his Play-Doh off the table, all right. It lay scattered on the floor next to where he had […]

Taking Things a Step Further

Guess what? I’m a great-grandmother! Yes, that’s right, at the age of only 45, I have become a great-grandmother. How, you ask, especially since you may know that my oldest child is only 13? It happened like this: Lindsey’s and Jessica’s hamsters (a boy and a girl) did, well, what hamsters do, and yesterday, Lindsey’s […]

What It Takes to Be a Good Mom

In high school and college, I auditioned for and was accepted into various choirs. I have a good voice, though there are plenty of people whose voices are better than mine. But one area in which I excel is my ability to hear when a singer is on pitch. Which, of course, means that I […]

How to Get Out of Obeying the Rules

I’m normally a pretty law-abiding citizen. I believe, as I’m sure you do, that honoring the authorities God has placed over us in turn honors Him. But I admit that there are some laws I really wish I didn’t have to obey. Take, for example, the speed limit. I’d get out of being subject to […]

God’s Response to the Presidential Election

Less than a week ago, Americans went to the polls and chose Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United States. The aftermath of that election has been an aftermath unlike any other. Many Americans are rejoicing that Trump was elected. Most of them believe that the other major candidate, Hillary Clinton, […]

Leaving It All on the Field

By now, if you live in North America, you’ve probably heard that the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series. If you read last week’s devotion, you know how happy this makes me. What you may not know is how I reacted to their win (after screaming with joy in a way that went beyond […]

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