Scripture Stickies

Scripture Stickies are one of the neatest resources I have come across in a long time. Bible verses printed on stick-it paper, they are professionally designed and extremely helpful. Barely have time to brush your teeth in the morning? Might as well put a Scripture Sticky on your mirror and work on a memory verse […]

The Unburdened Heart

Suzanne Eller has written a book that’s a must-read for everyone struggling with forgiveness—everyone whose heart is burdened by the wrongs that have been done to him or her. We’ve all suffered at the hands of others, and Suzie acknowledges that. In fact, she knows all about that, having endured much in her life that […]

Father Cry

Billy Wilson understands the pain of those of us who long for spiritual fathers and mothers. He is very candid and vulnerable about his own struggles and need in this area and empathetic to those who also long for a spiritual father or mother to guide them. He describes some of the issues that have […]

Be Still: A Video by Lisa Chan

Have you ever thought you would love to have time to spend with God, if only you could figure out when to do it? Have you ever felt caught up in the craziness and distractions of being a woman, wife, and mother, so much so that you know exactly what each of your children would […]

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