God, in His infinite mercy, has called me to encourage moms to glorify and enjoy Him in their daily lives. If your church or mother’s group would like to receive that ministry through a personal visit, please contact me. I’d love to speak to your group in person.

I do not charge a “speaker’s fee” as such. My husband and I believe that God’s desire for us is to make His encouragement available to all, regardless of ability to pay. If a group is able to contribute toward my expenses, then it will help us to continue this ministry. However, we don’t want finances to prevent a group from requesting God’s encouragement through me.

Therefore, if you would like for me to come speak to your group, my only request is that you please pray for the following things:

  • That God will clearly reveal to you, to me, and to my husband whether it is His desire for me to speak to your group.
  • That God will provide for my travel, lodging, and childcare needs.
  • That I will be faithful to hear and to clearly communicate the message God wants me to deliver to your group; and
  • That your hearts will be prepared to hear God’s mind and heart speaking to yours.

Following are some possible topics for me to address with your group. However, with advance notice, I can also prepare to speak on a topic you request.

I look forward to meeting you and your group!

Possible speaking topics include:

Abundant Motherhood:

Motherhood is a wonderful, God-given calling, but sometimes, it feels more like a burden than a delight. In this conversation, we explore the truth that motherhood isn’t something that gets in the way of our enjoying the abundant life God promises; it is the means through which God leads us to experience that abundant life. Come learn what abundant life looks like, even—or perhaps especially—in the midst of motherhood.

Mothering with Confidence:

We all want to raise children who love the Lord and serve Him. But sometimes, it’s hard to know how to achieve that goal, especially with so many competing voices telling us we should be doing things their way. We may not be “experts”, but we can make decisions with the certainty that we are doing what is best for our family. You will leave with a new sense of confidence as you go about your daily mothering.

Good Enough?:

Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes to be a great mom? Do you ever experience a nagging sense of guilt that maybe you’re not doing the right thing, or not doing enough? If you ever suffer from Mommy Guilt, you know it’s destructive. Now you can find out how to put it to rest and learn to hear God’s encouragement to you as you mother, instead of condemnation.

Well Done, Good and Faithful Mommy:

Do you ever feel unnoticed or unappreciated? Do you ever wonder if what you do really matters? Come and receive the encouragement God offers you through Scripture and the words of His Son Jesus. Realize that Someone does notice, and that what you do matters immeasurably. You will leave uplifted and refreshed.

What Your Children Need from Your Marriage:

You know what you want from your marriage: a husband who’s sensitive and caring, who knows how to communicate, and who takes out the trash without being asked. But what do your children need from your marriage? We will look at your marriage from your child’s perspective, so that you can make sure your children get what they need from your most important earthly relationship.

When Your Past Isn’t Pretty:

How do you become a godly parent when you didn’t have that example while growing up? How can you be the parent your children need when your past is full of your own sin, or the sins of others? Join me in an honest, vulnerable look at how our past can cause pain and difficulties in our parenting in the present. Learn how to find healing and what you can do if your parenting is negatively affected by your past so that the cycle of hurt stops with you.

Special Needs Parenting:

Parenting a special needs child brings a unique set of challenges, but you are not alone. We will walk together in examining those challenges and discovering ways to glorify God through our responses to them. Learn how to respond when others don’t understand special parenting, how to meet your other children’s needs at the same time you meet your “special” child’s, and how to take care of yourself when the focus is on someone else. You will also gain a renewed sense of appreciation for your child just as he or she is.

What Your Children Need from Their Mom:

What are the essentials of being a good mom? How can you be sure you’re giving your children a solid, secure foundation so they can grow up to become the people God designed them to be? Join me as we explore what is vitally important and what is just icing on the cake. You will leave encouraged that you know what your precious children need and are capable of providing it.

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