Why God’s Healing Is More Amazing Than You May Have Realized

If someone gave you a million dollars, what would you do with it? I posed this question to several friends and family members, and their answers included things like “pay off all my bills” (actually, this one was the one most often mentioned), donate to worthy organizations, buy a new car, take a vacation, and […]

Leaving It All on the Field

By now, if you live in North America, you’ve probably heard that the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series. If you read last week’s devotion, you know how happy this makes me. What you may not know is how I reacted to their win (after screaming with joy in a way that went beyond […]

This Could Be the Year!

Most people pick spring, summer, fall, or winter as their favorite season. When asked, I usually say fall is mine. But my true favorite season? The one I love even more than fall? The one whose coming I anticipate more than I look forward to the relief from roasting-hot temperatures that fall brings? Baseball season. […]

You Are Enough

If I could, I’d invite each of you to come over and have a cup of coffee with me (or tea, or water, or whatever you prefer). We would sit down on my comfy couch, turned toward each other, our drinks forgotten on the coffee table, excited that we had at least this limited time […]

So Much More Than

This is my second child, and first son, Kenny. He turned 12 this past week. He is sweet, caring, and funny. He likes Pokemon, Legos, and video games. He’s wonderful at playing with babies (they all seem to love him; even my 19-month-old godson gets more excited at seeing Kenny than he does at seeing […]

Like a Little Child

You know how it goes. You’ve left your child in childcare somewhere (your church, your homeschool co-op, your MOPS group), and walked away despite the tears and cries and outstretched arms calling you back. Then, halfway through your event, the unthinkable happens: Circumstances conspire to require you to walk past the room your child is […]

What Jesus Did for You at Calvary That You May Never Have Realized

I’m 45 years old. Easter 2016 has been my 46th Easter. I’ve heard the Easter story hundreds of times. I’ve known for many years that “Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins.” But there’s something about what Jesus did on Calvary that I never realized until this year. And it’s something […]

Why I’m Longing for Easter Right Now

Sometimes, you know something, but you don’t really know it. Maybe you know it for years, and then all of a sudden, one day, the topic comes up in a fresh way, and you have this epiphany that causes you to see things in a whole new light. And you wonder, Why didn’t I think […]

Getting on God’s Nerves: The Surprising Reason Why We Do

I don’t know exactly how many nerves I have. But I do know when my kids are on my last one. Usually, when they get on my nerves, it’s because they are bickering, tattling on each other for things that don’t really matter, or leaving behind some mess that they should have picked up because […]

Does God Always Make Things Better?

My 7-year-old daughter, Jessica, possesses one of the most sensitive souls God ever created and put within a little girl. She can always sense when someone’s having a bad day, and, with little fanfare or desire for recognition, she does something to lift the person’s spirits. When a gift is in order, she will give […]

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