When Life’s Not Fair

“That’s not fair!” How many times have you heard that at your house? I’ve heard it plenty in mine. My children say it when they believe someone else got treated better than they did, or when they didn’t get something they want. And while they’re not always correct about the issue of fairness as it […]

Too Much Stuff

Do you ever look around at your house and wish you could get rid of half the stuff you own? I do, especially after times like this past weekend, when I led a retreat for moms and stayed in a really nice hotel room for two days. With only the room furnishings and the items […]

When You’re Tempted to Be Discontent

You can’t please everyone. This is especially true when you are serving dinner to your children. With each child you have, the odds increase that somebody isn’t going to like what’s served. Even if you only have one child, it’s entirely possible that what he or she liked the last time you served it may […]

When You’re Tempted to Complain

Sometimes, having a good attitude is hard. At least, it was hard for Ellie on a day not long ago. Several things didn’t go her way, and as each one happened, she complained. I could understand how she felt (I’m often tempted to complain, too, when things don’t go as I would like), but I […]

Being Two

My youngest son, Timmy, is two. Some days, he’s really, really two. (If you’ve ever had a two-year-old, you know exactly what I mean.) Consider, for example, the following conversation we had the other day: Timmy: “Have snack?” Me: “No, it’s not snack time.” Timmy: “Waaaaaahhhhh!” Or this one: Me: “Timmy, put your shoes away.” […]

Being Thankful in Tough Times

Several years ago, Lindsey appointed herself my “company girl”. This means she accompanies me whenever I go somewhere (at least, any time she’s allowed to) and keeps me company on the trip. It doesn’t matter to her what we do; she just likes being together. Two days ago, my company girl and I were on […]


My son Timmy loves potato chips. “Get it? Get it?” he will say hopefully, pointing to the bag on the counter. The other day, I gave him several chips. He was happily eating them…for awhile, that is. His satisfaction with his snack came to a screeching halt when he realized that Jessica had chips too. […]

Macaroni Soup

I love my crock pot. I think it’s neat how you can throw a few ingredients in there, turn the pot on, and come back later to find a nice, homemade dinner all ready for you. So yesterday morning, before church, I assembled the ingredients for a new macaroni-and-Velveeta cheese dish, doubled the recipe, and […]

Two Kinds of Best

Sometimes, it seems as if motherhood is about settling for less. We want to stay in shape, but we don’t have time, so we settle for buying an aerobics video and working out with it three times before we consign it to obscurity in the DVD cabinet. We’d like to travel the world, but we […]

Sweet Blessings

This past week, I had the blessing of attending the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference, which I attend every year. It’s held on the campus of the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado, nestled in the midst of the Rocky Mountains. It’s a gorgeous location and an educational and spiritually uplifting time—not to mention […]

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