When God Seems Too Slow

Last Sunday, along with much of the rest of America, my husband and I watched Super Bowl LI. Timmy watched occasionally, not because he cares about football, but because he wanted to be where Daddy and I were. So while Phil and I enjoyed the game, Timmy’s favorite part was the Skittles commercial, where he […]

Why Aren’t We Going Yet?

This past weekend, Timmy and I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to see Paw Patrol Live!.  We drove up on Friday and stayed overnight at a hotel, then got up the next morning to get ready to see the show. The only problem was, Timmy woke up early due to excitement, and we were therefore ready […]

When You’ve Just. Got. Nothing.

My sister is my best friend. We keep in touch regularly and frequently. We sometimes talk on the phone even when we don’t have anything much to say. At some point, if we run out of things we can pretend are important enough to talk about, there will come a long pause, and then one […]

How Not to Worry

This past Friday night, Lindsey and I were lounging on the couch together, just hanging out. She, of course, wanted to stay up late. But much as I wanted to continue our time together, I knew it would be better for her to get plenty of sleep. “You’re going to have to get up early […]

When You Need Practice

I didn’t think picking up Cheerios was such a big deal. Apparently, it was, at least to Timmy, who didn’t want to pick up the bag of Cheerios he’d dragged into his room for use with his Cheerios book. “Please pick up the Cheerios and put them away,” I said. “Aagghh!” Timmy yelled. “I’m mad! […]

When Life Attacks

I love to run for exercise. Recently, my youngest daughter Jessica decided to start running with me. Currently, she is working toward running enough times to earn a pair of good running shoes and some running apparel. There is a particular loop in my neighborhood that I often run: two blocks down, one block over, […]

The True Nature of Our Struggle

Imagine this: you’re sitting at your computer, scrolling through the latest posts on your timeline, when one of your children tracks you down. “Mommy,” she says, “Johnny says he doesn’t want to watch what I want to watch. But he got to choose what we watched last time. Tell him it’s my turn!” You close […]

When You’re Tempted to Complain

Sometimes, having a good attitude is hard. At least, it was hard for Ellie on a day not long ago. Several things didn’t go her way, and as each one happened, she complained. I could understand how she felt (I’m often tempted to complain, too, when things don’t go as I would like), but I […]

Mama’s Comin’

When I was single, and even when I was married with no children, going shopping and having it be a “treat” meant that I’d get to buy some nonessentials and go places I didn’t have to go. After we began having children, a shopping “treat” meant getting to go to absolutely essential places, but all […]

What I Don’t Care About

A small pair of pink and red rain boots lies in our entryway. They’re right there where someone would need to walk in order to reach the door or to enter our home from our front porch. I’ve told the owner of those boots at least 17,000 times not to leave them where people could […]

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