Sometimes, it takes a conversation with a six-year-old to give you a wakeup call. Easter Sunday morning, Timmy was cuddling on my lap. “Timmy, today is Easter!” one of his siblings said. Figuring I should do my duty and make sure he knew what Easter was all about, I asked, “Timmy, do you know what […]

Taking Things a Step Further

Guess what? I’m a great-grandmother! Yes, that’s right, at the age of only 45, I have become a great-grandmother. How, you ask, especially since you may know that my oldest child is only 13? It happened like this: Lindsey’s and Jessica’s hamsters (a boy and a girl) did, well, what hamsters do, and yesterday, Lindsey’s […]

God’s Response to the Presidential Election

Less than a week ago, Americans went to the polls and chose Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United States. The aftermath of that election has been an aftermath unlike any other. Many Americans are rejoicing that Trump was elected. Most of them believe that the other major candidate, Hillary Clinton, […]

When God Refuses to Help You

A couple months ago, my family and I joined a new church. Because it is a fairly large church, I’m still learning many people’s names, especially the children’s. So when Timmy wanted to have a little girl named Taylor over for a playdate recently, I had a hard time making that happen. Here’s how the […]

When You’ve Just. Got. Nothing.

My sister is my best friend. We keep in touch regularly and frequently. We sometimes talk on the phone even when we don’t have anything much to say. At some point, if we run out of things we can pretend are important enough to talk about, there will come a long pause, and then one […]

What You Did for Jesus Today

Let me just say right now that I’m not Martha Stewart. I can’t fold a napkin into the shape of anything (well, except a rotisserie chicken, but that’s another story), I don’t know how to arrange flowers, and my idea of a gourmet meal is when I not only prepare macaroni and cheese for my […]

The iPad 25405

One time a few years ago, I was telling our then-foster daughter that when I was her age (she was 15), nobody had cell phones. Ellie, who was 8 at the time, overheard. “Wow!” she said. “I didn’t know you were that old!” Perhaps it was this story Lindsey had in mind one day recently. […]

Yay, Daddy!

It was a cool, overcast Sunday afternoon. Phil and I and the kids were in the minivan on the way back from Phil’s parents’ house. The four older kids were playing their DS’s or reading, Phil was driving, and I was working on a cross stitch project (there will be a devotion about it later). […]

Wish it Were Christmas

The sights: red and green; Christmas trees; sparkly gold; bustling shoppers; brightly-wrapped presents; children with eager faces. The sounds: joyful carols; the oven door opening and shutting as you bake cookies; cheerful greetings; ripping tape from the tape dispenser so you can wrap gifts; excited voices. The smells: cinnamon; gingerbread; pine; burning candles; crisp winter […]

Stylish Accessories

I’m currently on the lookout for a semi-narrow black belt I can wear with a couple long tops I recently bought. In order to achieve the look I want, it must be neither too narrow nor too chunky. And in order to achieve the budget I want, it must be reasonably priced. Yet the belt […]

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