Sometimes, it takes a conversation with a six-year-old to give you a wakeup call. Easter Sunday morning, Timmy was cuddling on my lap. “Timmy, today is Easter!” one of his siblings said. Figuring I should do my duty and make sure he knew what Easter was all about, I asked, “Timmy, do you know what […]

Like Hamsters in a Wheel

Okay, so, science. I’m not very good at it and never have been, really. I do all right with simple scientific principles such as “don’t combine baking soda with vinegar unless you want a volcano” and “plant a seed in the right kind of dirt, give it the right amount of water and sun, and […]


I’ve heard it said that trying to keep your house clean when you have young children is like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos. I’ve also heard it likened to trying to shovel your driveway while it’s still snowing. I can identify with both of these. I’ve never exactly kept an immaculate house […]

Getting Back in Shape…Again

This morning, I alternated running and walking for 2 miles. I also installed the My Fitness Pal app on my phone and computer and began keeping track of my food intake so this app can help me determine how many calories I need and monitor how many I’m actually getting. I’ve upped my water intake, […]

Getting in the Game

I really love certain sports. Some, I enjoy watching; some, I really enjoy playing; and some, I love doing either one. It’s not that I’m very good at sports (except for racquetball and jiu jitsu); in fact, I’m no better than average, and sometimes worse. It’s just that I love the contest, the “giving it […]

Experiencing Beauty

A month or two ago, my husband and I bought our kids a trampoline for the back yard as an early Christmas present. Since then, the kids have used the trampoline almost every day—if not every day. Timmy loves the trampoline, too. He loves bouncing, jumping, and running in circles on it, giggling in delight. […]

Living It Out: How to Respond When Someone Hurts You

My 8-year-old daughter, Lindsey, is a kind and generous girl. She has a sweetness about her spirit that could only come from the Lord. She’s caring and compassionate, and she’s quick to reach out to those in need. Not only that, but she believes the best of everyone with whom she comes in contact. That’s […]

Preparing for Christmas

Each year, on the day after Thanksgiving, we get out the Christmas decorations and put them all up. Long before that, I start planning what to give each person on my list. I also start marking my calendar with the dates and times of all the holiday events scheduled by groups of which I am […]

Too Much Stuff

Do you ever look around at your house and wish you could get rid of half the stuff you own? I do, especially after times like this past weekend, when I led a retreat for moms and stayed in a really nice hotel room for two days. With only the room furnishings and the items […]

Making Memories

This past week, my oldest three children attended summer camp. Timmy, at 2 years old, wasn’t really old enough to understand what he was missing out on. But 6-year-old Jessica was. And she was bummed. In order to make the week special for her, too, I decided that each day the older kids were at […]

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