When You’ve Just. Got. Nothing.

My sister is my best friend. We keep in touch regularly and frequently. We sometimes talk on the phone even when we don’t have anything much to say. At some point, if we run out of things we can pretend are important enough to talk about, there will come a long pause, and then one […]

When Sausage Rolls Don’t Fly

This past Saturday, I found myself wide awake while everyone in the house still slept. It was kind of nice, getting to sit on the couch and read a book all by myself, with no one interrupting me just as I got to a good part. For a few minutes, at least. Soon, my son […]

Independence Day

This past week, we in the United States celebrated our Independence Day (usually known as the Fourth of July), the day in 1776 we declared ourselves to be our own country under our own rule. There are as many ways to celebrate the Fourth as there are families in America. Our family’s celebration included burgers […]

Be It Done for You

You know how sometimes when you’re reading the Bible, you read a story you’ve read or heard millions of times before, but all of a sudden God shows you something different from it? Let me share with you the amazing thing He showed me when this happened to me recently. I was studying my bible, […]

Mini Me

At almost 6 years old, Lindsey has a “mini me” in just-turned-4yo Jessica. Recently, Jessica and Lindsey have become best buddies, spending almost all their time together playing and laughing. Whatever Lindsey wants is okay by Jessica, and Jessica often asks Lindsey what she thinks before adopting the opinion as her own. Fortunately, Lindsey doesn’t […]


My daughter Jessica’s favorite color is green. Other two-year-old girls might prefer pink or purple, but Jessica loves green. In fact, that’s why her unicorn name (when she pretends to be a unicorn) is Green. It’s also why she’s requested green frog gummies and green gum for her upcoming 3rd birthday. Jessica also loves to […]

Cute Birdies

Yesterday, the three older kids and I were running around town doing errands. Which parking lot we were in at the time this story took place, I don’t remember. But I’ll always remember the lesson I learned there. As we all exited the van and I counted heads to make sure everybody had gotten out, […]


My daughter, Jessica, loves to share. After all, she’s two-and-a-half. Okay, well…sometimes she loves to share. On one such occasion, while I was sitting on the couch working on my husband’s laptop, Jessica came into the room carrying her Happy Meal box. My husband had taken the kids with him while he ran errands so […]

Look at Me!

My youngest child, two-year-old Jessica, is enjoying her increasing physical abilities as she discovers what her body is designed to do. Whether it’s stretching as far as she possibly can or deliberately doing something silly, she loves to call my attention to her amazing feats. Last week, she was in a playful mood. As I […]


We live two blocks from our neighborhood park. The kids love to go there. It has a giant set of toys all connected together, including several slides and things to climb on. It has huge, grassy areas for the kids to run around on. It also has a small basketball court and a covered slab […]

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