Why You Can’t Appreciate God’s Grace

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found; Was blind, but now I see. God’s grace is, indeed, amazing. In fact, it’s absolutely unfathomable that God would choose to take on human form, come to earth, live among us, then sacrifice Himself in […]

When You’re Tempted to Get Good Things in a Bad Way

I should have known, when Timmy was playing quietly in his room for too long, that something was amiss. I realized it when I entered his room and saw large, looping swirls all across his carpet—in yellow marker. “Timmy?” I sighed. “Did you draw on your floor with this yellow marker?” “Uh…uh….” Timmy ducked his […]

The Ultimate Reason We Hide from God

The seven of us had just arrived home from a trip to Houston. Of course, we all had plenty of stuff to unpack and put away. I headed to my bedroom to take care of the things in my suitcase, but the door was, strangely, locked. So I picked the lock with a toothpick we […]

When Satan Tries to Bring You Down

Some days, the most exciting part of my day is when the kids’ bedtime arrives. Such was the case the other day. I found Timmy playing games on his computer, and I told him media time was over. The following conversation ensued: Me: “It’s time to get your jammies on.” Timmy: “But I want to […]

Nah…Nothing Could Go Wrong

Recently, I bought my son, Timmy, a child-sized skateboard. If you’ve read my blog for very long, or followed me on Facebook, you’ve “met” him, and you know why buying him a skateboard means making sure he only uses it outside, where nobody and nothing else is around, and making sure our health insurance is […]

What Moms Can Learn from Moses

You would think that of all the people depicted in the Bible, the moms would be the ones who could best understand our frustrations as mothers. That’s probably why there are so many books titled something like, “Moms of the Bible.” We’re supposed to read about moms and learn from them. Be inspired by them, […]

What’s Really in the Box?

Imagine you’re a seven-year-old child who has just received a gift from someone. You’re happy about that, of course. You thank the giver, and you open the box. Now, imagine that inside the box is not just one gift, but a whole slew of gifts! You find a paint set, a craft kit, some candy, […]

Well…You Know…

I realize that when you attend a church worship service, the idea is that you’re supposed to pay attention. But sometimes, it’s difficult. Sometimes, you have other things on your mind. Maybe you get distracted by somebody in another pew. Or maybe, like at our church, they dim the lights (except those focusing on the […]


I’ve heard it said that trying to keep your house clean when you have young children is like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos. I’ve also heard it likened to trying to shovel your driveway while it’s still snowing. I can identify with both of these. I’ve never exactly kept an immaculate house […]

Far Too Dangerous

Yesterday, when my almost-three-year-old son wanted to help me cook supper, I let him do things like help me fill a pan with water and then put the lid on the pan. I didn’t let him turn on the burner on our gas stove or use the cleaver to dice the cooked chicken. I was […]

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