Why You Can’t Appreciate God’s Grace

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found; Was blind, but now I see. God’s grace is, indeed, amazing. In fact, it’s absolutely unfathomable that God would choose to take on human form, come to earth, live among us, then sacrifice Himself in […]

Lost Tooth

A couple weeks ago, Lindsey lost a tooth. I mean, she really lost it. Her tooth had fallen out at school, and the school nurse gave her a tiny plastic treasure chest to put the tooth in. When the neighbor brought Lindsey home, Lindsey came bounding up the steps to show me her treasure. The […]

Can’t Wait

Every Friday night, we have a special custom at our house, one that all of us look forward to. Friday night is “Restaurant Night,” when the kids can have virtually whatever they want for supper (as long as it’s anywhere close to within reason, and as long as Mommy doesn’t have to cook it). Usually, […]

Sharing with Mommy

My oldest daughter Ellie loves to read. She enjoys novels, to be sure, but she also enjoys reading magazines and books that tell her lots of information. When she comes across a particularly interesting fact, she likes to come share it with me. “Mommy!” she’ll say, arriving at my side with an eager smile. “Wanna […]

Eagle Ears

You’ve heard the phrase “eagle eyes”. It refers to a person who can see things from far away or spot things in a crowd of other things. My husband recently coined the phrase “eagle ears”. It means, as you would imagine, a person who can hear faint noises or hear things from far away. Timmy […]

Spending Time Together

Eighteen years and a couple months ago, the man who is now my husband asked me for a date. I accepted his invitation because he seemed like a nice guy, and I thought it would be fun to get to know him better. (Plus, he was cute!) We went out to eat at a barbecue […]

Be It Done for You

You know how sometimes when you’re reading the Bible, you read a story you’ve read or heard millions of times before, but all of a sudden God shows you something different from it? Let me share with you the amazing thing He showed me when this happened to me recently. I was studying my bible, […]

A New Year’s Prayer for Moms

  Related posts: A Prayer for Moms at Year’s End Father God, The year is almost over, This year that You granted me To enjoy and rejoice over my precious children, To nurture and serve them, To love them with… A New Year’s Prayer for Moms A New Year’s Prayer for Moms (Reposted from January […]

Close Enough

I love the way little kids draw people when they are just learning how to draw. Usually they draw a head and two really long legs sticking out from the head all the way to the round-ish feet. Then, of course, they add two arms sticking straight out from the legs, each arm having a […]

Thanks to God and Scotch Tape

My children often wait until I’m on the phone before they come up with things they just have to tell me right now. (Do yours do that?) Such was the case a few days ago when I was talking with a friend who’d moved to a city several hours away. I was sitting in my […]

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