Christianity Go!

By now, you’ve probably heard of the game Pokemon Go! Players download an app to their smartphones and walk/drive/parkour anywhere and everywhere, trying to locate and capture Pokemon. Within 13 hours of its being made available, Pokemon Go! became the top-grossing app in the U.S. It attracts 21 million users and 4-5 million downloads per […]


I always enjoy making my children’s birthday cakes. I love the creative process, and I love their enthusiastic reactions to my creations. Even when a cake doesn’t turn out perfectly, it usually turns out pretty well, a cake I can be proud of. That’s why it’s difficult for me to let my children help decorate […]

Smells Like Breakfast

Recently my husband had to attend a work-related conference in our state capital. Since the conference lasted only one day, and since his employer was paying for the hotel the night before, we decided that the kids and I would accompany him, and we’d stay a little longer and turn it into a mini-vacation. For […]

Smiley Guy

Remember Guy Smiley, the Sesame Street character who was a game show host? He talked in that “game show host” voice, and he always had a huge smile. Hence the name. Timmy’s a lot like him in that Timmy always has a smile, too. In fact, just yesterday morning, Ellie woke up and came to […]

A World Like This

As of today, I’m almost 28 weeks pregnant with a son. Maybe that’s why I’ve had baby boys on my mind a lot lately. That, and the fact we’re about to celebrate Jesus’ birth. I’ve been thinking about what it must have been like for the Almighty Christ to be born as a virtually helpless […]


Three days ago, my husband and I were overjoyed to learn that we are expecting Baby #5. In our excitement, we began calling family and friends to share the good news. Naturally, we wanted to tell our four children also. The only problem was that we wanted to tell all of them together, and two […]

Bringing Them to the Father

One of Jessica’s favorite activities is playing “bobbies” (her word for “babies”). We have several baby dolls, some doll-sized equipment, and a thousand little outfits and accessories. Jessica loves taking care of her dolls, doing all the things with them she knows mommies do with babies. One day, Jessica and I were playing dolls in […]

Preparing Him Room

A few years ago, I began a new Christmas tradition with my children. Each day of Advent, which begins December 1 and lasts until Christmas, we do an activity designed to illustrate a particular aspect of Christ’s birth. Most of them, I design myself, taking into account the ages and abilities of my children. One […]

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