Comparing Candidates

This November, voters in the United States (and U.S. citizens who are eligible to vote but currently reside elsewhere) will go to the polls and vote for the man or woman they want to become the next President of the United States. Hopefully, those voters will carefully consider the qualifications of the candidates before choosing […]

What We Can Learn from Toddlers

It seems that as parents (or, in my case, a godparent) of toddlers, we spend the majority of our time trying to teach them things. Don’t put that in your mouth! Hands are for loving, not hitting. Sweetie, the cat doesn’t like it when you do that. Teaching our toddlers the things they need to […]

Experiencing Beauty

A month or two ago, my husband and I bought our kids a trampoline for the back yard as an early Christmas present. Since then, the kids have used the trampoline almost every day—if not every day. Timmy loves the trampoline, too. He loves bouncing, jumping, and running in circles on it, giggling in delight. […]

Trusting in the Right Things

It hasn’t been a very hot summer in our part of Texas this year. We’ve only had twelve days where the temperature has reached or exceeded one hundred degrees, as opposed to twice that many days (or more!). Nonetheless, there have been enough hot days that the kids and I have gotten to go to […]

Great Enough

Have you ever been to one of those painting classes where an instructor teaches you and your group how to paint a particular painting, and you paint it right there in class? Neither had I, until this past week. A friend of mine had her birthday party at one such venue, and I thought it […]

The Whole Picture

I love it when we’re on a long trip in our minivan and the kids are watching a movie on the DVD player, using headphones so that Phil and I don’t have to hear it. We’ll be driving along in relative silence for awhile when one of the kids will say, in response to the […]

Is God Real?

Sometimes young children can come up with the most profound questions about God. For example, the other day, my husband was in the kitchen when five-year-old Lindsey came into the room. “Daddy, Jessica says God isn’t real,” she said. “Yes, He’s real,” Phil said. Lindsey turned and ran back into the living room. A few […]

To God Be the Glory

Few things in this life leave me speechless. This video set is one of them. I hope they inspire you—as they have inspired me—to live your life to the glory of our Heavenly Father while we have the chance. You should know before watching that Zac Smith died in May of 2010 after a year-long […]

Walking by Sight

Apparently, campouts are one of God’s favorite ways to illustrate His spiritual truth. That seems to be the case in my life, at least. Take, for example, our recent church campout. Even before we left, God had already reminded me of a lesson we all need to learn (see last week’s devotional). On the campout […]

Let Me See

A couple days ago, the kids and I piled into the van and headed out for a morning of consignment sale shopping in a neighboring city. As we drove from the first sale to the second, we passed an ice cream shop we don’t have near our house, and I remembered that I had four […]

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